About me

15 things you might not know about me. My complete name is Fatoumata Lamarana Diallo, I have fast changing humor.

  1. I never ate red meat.
  2. I never got a zero in Math.
  3. I used to play soccer since I was 6
  4. I used to play basket ball youth too but didn’t improve that much.
  5. I like learning news sports even if I never played them before
  6. I can learn a language fast, I’m learning English since last year.
  7. I like writing fiction stories
  8. I have a good inspiration
  9. I like drawing
  10. I lived In Dakar for 3 years now but I still can’t speak their language (Wolof)
  11. I can’t work in a noisy place
  12. I’m very competitive
  13. I lived near a forest for 10 year
  14. I’m responsible and Independent
  15. I’m very curious about things I have interest in.
  16. I always want to learn more than what I know.

In general, I have a curious, creative personality!A

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