Genius Hour 2nd project reflection

Awesome Graffiti from Around the Globe. “Awesome Graffiti from Around the Globe Pt.2 [18 Pics].” I Like To Waste My Time. Iliketowastemytime, n.d. Web. 08 Feb. 2016. <>.

My second Genius Hour topic was about Graffiti, which was the form of Art that ever existed in the world. I choose this topic because I like art, and mainly because of the creativity that can be made out of this Art. I also saw a lot of Graffiti here at Dakar, and I wanted to know more about their meaning. I had some basic knowledge about Graffiti before choose this project. However, as I progressed, I gained more profound knowledge about Graffiti such as the meaning behind pieces of Art and the messages they were trying to convey to a certain community. As I looked at many Graffiti on the internet but also here at Dakar, I realized that Graffiti trace a chronological evolution of our world. For every memorable event that happen in the world, there is always a graffiti that illustrate that event so that everyone will remember that event. My first Genius Hour project was about “Teaching Current events with Blogs”  and compared to my new project, I can say that I remarkably progressed. I still remember that for my last project, I didn’t really know much about that topic and I used used many outside resources to shape my presentation. I use more outside ideas than my owns which made it difficult for me during my presentation, while for this second topic, I had some background knowledge as a graffiti artist myself, and I did some analysis, and used less outside sources. I used to only care about drawing graffiti without really thinking about what it really meant to me and for the people close to me.

Wesley, Charles. “BINcA Writes!” BINcA Writes. Bincawrites11.wordpress, 15 Mar. 2014. Web. 08 Feb. 2016. <>.

However, when I learned about graffiti importance, I take more consideration about what my graffiti mean and now do useful graffiti. I learned more graffiti, now I can consider myself as one of these artists whose mission is to help people remember how the world is evolving over years through images. Even though I don’t have a fix Idea about my next Genius Hour project, but I know that this new project will focus more about how to make our world a better place for my community and to promote a bright future for all including humans animals and nature.

The URL To my presentation here.


Media impact on daily life

Media communicate information to a large audience through television, radio, newspaper and internet. They make market product sellable by publishing videos and magazines about it which improve the economy in countries. They create a difference in gender with television shows and impact a wide range of both girls and boys who cares about their appearance. They improve relationship between people and spread cultures all around the world with messages and TV shows.

To promote the development of a product made by a company, media play an essential role in that area. They make advertisements to promote that product. The advertisement goal is to persuade the audience that this product is good and to make it sellable. This advertisement will impact the economy of companies in a positive way if it is successful and in a negative way which can result to bankrupt of companies. Companies economic budget lies on Medias. An example of advertisement would be if a broadcasting company films a country which is affected by food crisis, their goal is to persuade people to either help these people or find solutions to stop this crisis. Another reason would be to promote their company and their TV show.

Media have a huge impact on girls and boys especially when it comes to appearance. Media makes magazines about celebrities which is benefit for them but also for teens. Girls look at magazines or TV shown about mode, their appearance is influenced by media and so is their way of interacting in social media and with friends. Both girls and boys uses media to interact with friends and to look at reviews that can help them improve their appearance and relationship with friends and families.

Media create a connection between people of all around the world. Media inform us about what is happening in the world and about how it works else where in the world. Compared to the last century, we have the ability to view the world through televisions and staying at home. It can help us interact with other people around the world and to be understanding toward other cultures

Media itself is part of the society in which we live. Without media, we would not be able to communicate with other people around the world and we would have less opportunities to understand cultures.

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Short story (Don’t look down on your dream)

                                             Ann Davis. “10 Mistakes To Avoid When Chasing Your Dream”. tinybuddha. tinybuddha. January 12, 2016

“The child who wanted to be a fisherman”

 Long ago, very long ago in a village of fishermen, lived an orphan name Sam who was banned from the village because he was the only survivor of a deadly disease which killed many people including Sam’s family. The village chief did a tourney in the village and recorded the number of dead people. He made a list of the house that were affected by that epidemic disease. Thus all the number of dead people were recorded, when the chief arrived in Sam’s house, he was sitting in a bench and playing with an innocent mind. He was accused for sending the epidemic and was banned from the village. He lived in a cave on the other side of the village. He learned how to live by himself and every day, he kept on watching youth fishermen go to the river with their fishing net. He stayed in his cave waiting for the fishers to come back from their expedition early in the morning. This was the only thing that made him forget his melancholy. He was dreaming about the day when he will also be going down the hill with his net on the arm and going to fish and coming back with a net full of fishes of all kind. He aways believed in his dream, in the evening, he watch the sky full of stars full with dreams. He later go back to sleep in his loneliness. At the age of 14, he made his first net and went down the hill to fish. He stayed at the edges of the river, he did not catch anything for his first try. He decide to come back the next day and try, unfortunately he still did not catch any fish. He did not give up and kept on trying. Sam questioned his method of fishing and decided to change it. He invented a fishing cane and became the most popular fisherman of his village.

“Never give up on your dream, there is always something that can emerge at the last second”The moral of this story is:

  • “Believe in your abilities”
  • “Don’t look down on yourself”

Joyce Mason. ” Planetery Fishing: The Moon”. radicalvirgo. radicalvirgo. May 3 2013. January 12, 2016.

For more information about stories with moral and motivations look and

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Connection with Twitter expert

In my digital Citizenship class, we have been tasked to follow 10 experts in the area we chose to get some information about our Genius hour project. My Genius hour project is about “Graffiti” but mainly focused about it evolution over years. My first assignment was to follow 10 people who are either authors/professors or artist and to add them to a list. After that, we had to send a tweet to each expert.  These experts are people who draw graffiti. Here are 10 of the experts that I followed.

@hiregraffiti, @manOneArt, @iambobzilla, @tomokeefe, @streetartnews, @ArtatBerlin, @imcorinnemec, @Flow1oner, @DZIAAIZD, @HEBRUBRANTLY. Some of these experts graffiti are really old and each of them have something to do with an event that occurred. The work  they made can help me demonstrate how graffiti evolved over years. I first commented some of their work and then I requested help from them by asking some questions. By getting some request from them, I can use them either as pictures for my Genius Hour project, but also to show the chronological evolution of graffiti. Here are some of the experts who I sent tweets.

Hey! Thanks for sharing the graffiti, It helped me find different sources of Graffiti origins. hope to get more information. @hiregraffiti                                                                                                                                                                        Hey! The Aladdin you made is nice. I need help with the pictures i’ll use for my GH, can you give me some suggestions.thanks @GraffitiLife                                                                                                                                                      Hey! I’m doing a project about the evolution of graffiti over time. Can you give me some suggestions. Thanks @Flow1Oner.

However, out of all the tweets I sent, I only received some assistance from the expert @iambobzilla, he suggested me a blog where there are a lot of graffiti (). I continued the conversation him but did not get any response. @ArteyMuros followed me back, I sent him a message asking him questions but he did not respond and other experts only favored my tweets.

Although I did not get the help I needed, I will still use some of the pictures in the blog that one of the expert requested to me. This was my first experience and I did not get good results, but as they say “you learn from your mistakes”. I learned a lot of things from this process and if I get to do it another time, I will definitely do better.


Fulani most famous food

 MLA citation: Fulani People History – Checkout Africa.Checkout Africa.Checkout Africa.June 02, 2015. November 04, 2015

My favorite food is Latchiiri, it’s eaten mostly by Fulani people. It’s made from Fermenting Milk into Yogurt and eaten with Corn cous-cous known as Latchiiri, either in the same bowl, or separately. The corn cous-cous is steamed several times to make sure that it’s well prepared, then it’s cool down. The milk is fermented for one day and the day after it’s cool down too. The mixture of the milk and the corn cous-cous is the Latchiiri. It’s eaten in many others countries but mostly in Guinea. Sometimes, it’s eaten on special occasions such as baptism or during some holidays. Latchiiri can be eaten with sugar or salt, it depend on taste but most people eat it with sugar because sometimes the milk is sour.

Genius hour project reflexion

In my Genius Hour project, I researched about “How to teach events by using a blog”. It was very interesting doing researches about that topic because I got to learn about many things which are useful in real life. I found that by using a blog, you can develop international relationship all over the world and by the same time you are giving  information to everyone. If I had to grade myself according to all the effort I put in this topic, I would give myself a B (85). I found good sources which I referred to while writing about my topic. However, I also have to consider the presentation in class during which I think I did good overall. I think that what I shared in class helped the world because knowing about what’s happening in the world concern everybody.If we know a good way to teach events, it will help the world but also us because we will have knowledge on that area.

For my next Genius Hour project, I will put more pictures that world and I will try to work on my self control so that I will not mess up my project. Three Genius Hour topics I want to explore for my next project  would be about Dinosaurs evolution, What is the purpose of a Graffiti, The advantage people in jail have.

My aunty, my best friend

interview directrice famou dabola   La Plume Plus citation: Mepa, “Interview directrice Famou” La Plume Plus, samedi 20 juin 2009

This post is about my Aunty “Aminata Diallo”. She was the youngest between all my grand mother children and she is my mother youngest sister. Even though she died when I was 8, I still remember the good moments I spent with her. She was like a mother and a best friend to me. Whenever I failed in an exam at school or I got into trouble, she was always there defending me, staying my side and encouraging me to work harder. She was my inspiration source and I always wanted to be like her. The best moment I spent with her was when my little sister was born. I still remember the baptism of my sister, that day my Aunty came early in the morning with many gifts and toys for my little sister. She was so happy when my mom told her that my sister was going to be her namesake. She paid more attention to my sister that day and I was jealous and angry . I isolated myself into my bedroom and I stayed there until the ceremony ended. After the baptism, my aunty went in my bedroom,  I didn’t want to talk to her. She joined me in my bed and she told me that she likes me as much as she do for my sister. I resisted a bit but I ended up melting in tears in her arms, she comforted me and then she sent me to the casino and bought me everything I wanted. That day, I slept at her house as I used to do every Saturdays and Sundays. Unfortunately, she had ‘Asme’ and she died at the age of 31. I couldn’t first believe my mom when she told me that my Aunty was dead. When I later realized that it was true, I was very depressed and I cried a lot that day. I will never forget her, she was like a second mother and a best friend to me. I will always remember her through my sister name.

The road that lead to Success in School.

“I don’t think I can do it. I always get a zero in math! I’m not good at anything, I’m a failure. I know that I will never success at school so why should I work. I don’t care about school, I will always lost.”

These sentences are spoken by people who don’t have confident in themselves, who give up just after the first try. They believe that it’s over they will never success at school. However, there is one thing that they don’t understand. You don’t success just after the first try, you have to work for it, you have to set a goal for yourself. Therefore, if you fail the first time you have to get up and keep going. You have to try again to reach your goal. If you only give up after the first try you will never success at school. Success is all about the determination you have to move forward. Silvester Satallon once said ” Life’s not about how hard of a hit you can give… it’s about how many you can take, and still keep moving forward.”. This quote also apply for success at school. ” It’s about how many failure you can take and still keep moving forward by improving and learning from each failure. In my family, they say that when you are enjoying yourself, enjoy without thinking about working but when you start working then do your task without thinking about playing because you had enough time to enjoy yourself. If you want to success then start first by setting a goal that you want to reach at the end of the year. For example, have straight A’s in math. If you have a goal then your determination to reach that goal will help you become successful


You have to be organized. Start by planning your work then practice toward having good notes in every subjects. You Have to do your work at time.

-Focus Take notes in class, be involve in class activities, help your classmate and ask for help whenever you don’t understand something.

-Persistent and be Active Never give up after one failure, keep going. Practice over and over in the subject you failed in. You always have to come prepared to have a quiz or a test at any time.

The success at school is one road that lead to the success in life and if you want that to happen then you have to archive your goal and apply these rules:

  • Develop the right relations
  • Be Focus Have a goal and a plan



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Something i did during summer vacation

If I had to describe something I did during summer vacation and which I liked. I would say going to the pool or to the beach. I enjoyed going there and playing all day long but I can’t forget the fact that I didn’t move from Dakar. Yes, I didn’t travel, I had to stay here all summer, but that also had a positive impact because I kind of learned a lot of things. For example how to swim and I read a lot and I went to a lot of amusing places.  I also watched movies and played video games with my brothers sometimes. I spent most of my time on the internet because I most likely couldn’t think of anything to do. I just relaxed sometimes, staying at the same place for several hours and without doing  anything. Some of the reasons are that because i was bored or sometimes because i got tired of the internet. In general I can say that my summer vacation wasn’t that bad even though I didn’t enjoy myself as I wanted.